Welcome to Pack 65

Pack 65 has been providing the BSA's cub scout program in San Carlos continuously since March 1949. In our hearts we are passionate about developing the next generation of leaders, outdoor enthusiasts, and responsible members of the community. At our core we volunteer to help scout families have fun, work as a team and grow together.

You can find more details about the pack here. If you are new to our community and want more information please send us a message, or complete an application through this link.

We have a full in person program planned for 2021/22. Highlights include:

   - October: Tahoe Campout and Tree Ropes Course, Pumpkin decorating and Halloween themed pack meeting

   - November: Scouting for Food, Cardboard Chariot Race, Toy Drive and pizza / ice cream social

   - December: Shooting Sports Day at Boulder Creek

   - January: Cake Bake Competition, Overnight on the USS Hornet

   - February: Blue and Gold Dinner

   - March: Santa Cruz Boardwalk Overnight, Pinewood Derby Race

   - April: Webelos Arrow of Light Bridging

   - May: Cub Scout Advancement, Hometown Days Parade and Hot Wheels Booth

   - June: Summer Campout (location TBD)

Summer Campout: Save the Date June 3/4/5

Posted on Jan 15 2022 - 2:16pm

We have reserved the boulder creek scout reservation the weekend of June 3/4/5, including campsites, kitchen, archery and BB-gun ranges, and the craft pavilion for a fun weekend. More details to follow in Feb.

Rescheduling USS Hornet, Cancellations and New Signups

Posted on Jan 15 2022 - 2:15pm

The USS Hornet overnight has been rescheduled for the night of Saturday April 9th.

If you'd like to cancel the USS Hornet trip, please complete this form, and we'll refund you the money paid via paypal.

Training for AB 506

Posted on Jan 15 2022 - 2:13pm
As Matt discussed at our last leaders' meeting, we now all have to:
1) Do 2h of mandatory reporter training
2) Be livescanned (not yet, but once the council is ready to receive the information...)

Cardboard Chariot Race at this Monday's Pack Meeting

Posted on Dec 11 2021 - 11:51am

At Monday's pack meeting we will be holding our first annual cardboard box chariot race!

Please have your scouts:

1) Wear Suitable shoes

Boulder Creek Shooting Sports Day (Sat Dec 4th)

Posted on Nov 16 2021 - 1:11pm

Archery, BB-guns, slingshots, crafts, hot-dogs, hiking, dutch oven treats... and more! $30/scout to cover facility rental, lunch and rangemaster training. Sign-up here

Nov Pack Meeting - Toy Drive, Cupcake Throwing, Raffle

Posted on Nov 9 2021 - 8:10am
At November's Pack Meeting (Monday 15th), we will be holding:
  • A Christmas toy drive (in conjunction with the San Carlos Lions' Club and One Life Counseling Center - details at the end)
  • A raffle (~$1 / ticket for a chance to win a bunch of outdoor related prizes)
  • A cupcake throwing contest (~$5 to throw a cupcake at the cubmaster)
  • Plus adventure advancements awards

Toy Drive:

Upcoming Events